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About Me

Before studying abroad in London my junior year at Penn State, I was was part of The Global Leadership Initiative (GLI). For the program, each student created a website/blog to document their journey. The site was pretty much abandoned once I was abroad; however, I created an “About Me” poem for that project that I’d like to share again here:


I am from the blue-stripped bed sheets,
from goldfish and magic sets.
I am from the little green house on South Avenue,
and  from the quiet, sandy shores of Monmouth county.
I am from the purple hydrangeas in the spring,
the tall yellow sunflowers at the end of summer.

I’m from Pizza Friday’s and Snuggle Saturday’s,
from the adventurous Pat and the witty Jack.
I’m from my mother’s gentle heart and my father’s determination.
From things always work out in the end and tomorrow’s another day.

I’m from the Irish countryside,
from mashed potatoes and green beans,
From the long and emotional battle for adoption,
and the surprise pregnancy twelve years after the king.

Up the wooden stairs, in the dark and muggy attic,
years of memories, pictures and old clothing,
are boxed away to remind me who I am, why I am, and where I came from.

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