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Here Goes Nothing: The First Blog Post

Wow. Getting here, to this first blog post, was one hell of a process. After a ton of research and development, I’m writing my first blog post roughly 26 hours after the process began.

I’ve been thinking about creating my own personal webpage for quite some time. Even more so during the last few months as I’ve been working to build a stronger and more unified online presence and profile. You see those buttons in the top right corner of the page? Go ahead and click one, let’s connect!

I can’t recall what got me to finally go for it, but after spending hours researching web hosting services and then developing the site, I’m happy I finally did it. I’ll definitely write a post on that whole process in the near future, as I found myself sifting through so many biased reviews and recommendations.

As far as what else I’ll be posting here, I think a little bit of everything. Technology of course, I won’t apologize for the Apple posts. World events, as objective as I can be. Travel. Product and service reviews. Really, I’m just going to write for the sake of writing; get those creative juices flowing and see where this thing goes.

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